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Thai GPS Track

Thai Prosperous IT Company Limited is a leading in GPS tracker devices for cars, trucks, buses and vehicles. We imported directly from Europe for ensures quality. We also started a system of Amazon Cloud Computing service on GPS Car Tracking System to eliminates downtime as well as 100% guarantee Online.

How it works GPS vehicle tracking system does not allow for errors in the connection.

Tracker devices get the position from GPS satellites so that the tracker monitors the GPRS network. If the GPRS network is available, the coordinates will be send to the data center via a TCP/IP protocol. The frequency of the transmission of data is depends on the settings of the device.  If the GPRS network is unavailable while the tracker tries to collect information on the memory of the coordinates. Since the GPRS network is up, the device will send pending in memory to all servers. When the coordination is arrived at the server, it will check an accuracy data. The coordination will be store into the database before the ending of the connections.

Customers can get information online through a Web browser at any time 24 hours by using standard PC,  notebook and smart phone via the Internet. All kinds of smartphone devices can be viewed the online gps-vehicle server such as APPLE IPHONE, APPLE IPAD, SAMSUNG NOTE, SAMSUNG ANDROID, SONY ERICSON EXPERIA etc.

GPS-Vehicle offers datacenter by using the Amazon EC2 Cloud Computing to ensure the quality of services. Placed on the server over Internet Data Center (IDC) is very common problem that is often find for example the server hangs, the staff is no amendment to the provinces to wait until Monday, the idc cut power for maintenance and upgrade as well as the replace equipment such as power supplies, fans, CPU and hard drive and so on. GPS-Vehicle look into the problem so that Cloud Computing will be helped to solve the previous problems.


"Because we are convinced that the GPS vehicle tracking systems will not to be disconnected in anytime." 


In addition, the gps-vehicle supports all kinds of display coordinate by using Assisted Global Positioning System or abbreviated as "AGPS".  The equipment tracker will send the location using the principle of GSM Tracker or via the mobile network (cellular phones) instead of the gps. The benefit of the mobile network is allowed the coordinates in the absence of GPS signal (GPS blind area) in some cases such as motor-vehicle parking space under the building so we can notify the coordinate system certainly exists.


"AGPS" check the location even avoid parking vehicles under the building.



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Teltonika FM1100 is passed Office of the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission( NBTC ). The Teltonika FM1100 need for both standard applications and quality of products. We sincerely hope that Be a part of your success.